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Mobile service, Bay of Plenty and The Waikato
Get your little angel doing what you want in 2 weeks!
Does your dog do one of these things?

  • Barking
  • Jumping up
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Won't come when it's called
  • Unsocial with other dogs
  • A nightmare to walk
  • Chasing the kids
  • Chewing the cat
  • Digging or being destructive
  • Anxious or timid
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Howling and whining
  • Soiling inside
  • Fussy over food

Never doing what it is asked.......And you've tried everything?
The good news is that these problems can be solved.

Say GOOD BYE to a naughty dog........Say HELLO to your little angel
Yes. You can have an obedient, well behaved, darling dog in 2 weeks from now

Call me, Wendy on 0210 700 1110210 700 11107 218 0111 and let's talk about your dog (and I'll tell you if I can help)

Still Need Convincing?

Hear what my clients have to say.........

Hi Wendy,

You came to our place a few months ago to help me and Taz (my black lab) and I am just writing to let you know that he is such a good boy now. He doesn't growl or lunge at other dogs when he goes walking and he even goes walking with other smaller dogs occasionally and has no problems trotting along with them. The next door neighbors dog comes over when they are away and he is a small breed and Taz just loves it, they play and Taz is so gentle with him.

As well, he is so much easier to walk with now he doesn't pull and he can go anywhere - he even goes into the shop when it is quiet. Also quite a few times people will come up to him when he's in the car parked and ask to pat him and he lets them without a problem and gives them a big puppy lick too. Thank you so much for your help, he is so good now and people even remark that he is a different dog since he saw you. Kind regards, Grant.


Holly & Belita

I've just had such an awesome day with Holly and so excited with her progress that I just  had to let you know.  We walked the 9 km route along the Waikareao Estuary.   We greeted loads of dogs (including many poodles) and Holly's behavior was exemplary.  Not one incident. 
After all that she spent two hours with me in the hair salon!  It was quiet so they insisted I bring her in...  She just lay at my feet, didn't chase water spouts or bark at hairdryers, which she usually does.  I am just stunned by the overall changes and for the first time in a while I really enjoyed our walk and even  managed a peaceful coffee without problems. Today it felt like I had a new dog! Thank you so much

 Belita & Holly

At my wits end .. and then we got help!

I contacted Wendy… what an amazing ride from growling snapping horror to walking both together realising I didn’t own a schizoid dog merely a reactive normal dog who could be trained, who could be taken out without fear of her reaction, and if she does react gaining the skills to deal with her.

So if you’re at your wits end, and think you have the dog from hell join Wendy & with a sense of humour, a bit of hard work you can have the dog you want, wonderful!

Sandy with Jake & Sadie

 Call me, Wendy on 0210 700 1110210 700 111 and let's talk.







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